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Tag Archives: National Parks

  • National Parks: 10 Reasons to See the Smoky Mountains

    Smoky Mountain National Park
    This ancient range of ridgy mountains call The Great Smoky Mountains extends down the border between North Carolina and Tennessee.

    The reasons to see anything and everything in Smoky Mountain National Park are extensive. That's why it's America's most visited national park!

    The beauty of its age-old mountains, the diversity of plant and animal life, the wonder to be found in the remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture so unique to this place could keep you busy for weeks.

    Likely, you won't have that kind of time, so pick from the list of your favorites below and enjoy as much as you can when you come to visit.

    1. Camping - Whether you are up for an extended stay after a backpacking trip or an easier adventure in one of the park's developed campgrounds, there are plenty of beautiful places to camp.

    Wildlife in the Spring

    2. Hiking - With more than 800 miles of trail - you have hiking options as well. Some are short walkways and other trails are for the hard core hiker who comes prepared for a day or two of fun!

    3. Wildlife - Although birds, salamanders and smaller mammals are everywhere, with just a little effort you might see an elk (reintroduced into the park in 2001), white-tailed deer, or black bear.

    4. Horses - Literally hundreds of miles of horse trails fill the park and, in addition to that are five drive-in horse camps. Four rental stables provide you with mounts and guides.

    Grotto Falls

    5. Picnicking - Picknicking is a quick and gorgeous way to spend an afternoon. Choose from eleven picnic areas and even reserve on in advance!

    6. Waterfalls - Cascading waterfalls can be found on nearly every river and stream in the park. Don't miss the perfect photo opportunity on your trip.

    7. Wildflowers - Great Smoky Mountains National park is known as "wildflower national park." Spring and summer are renown for spectacular displays of wildflowers along roads and trails.

    Don't miss the 63rd Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage in late April!

    8. Fishing - Fishermen can test their skill with the many varieties here including wily brook, brown, and rainbow trout on the over 700 miles of streams in the park.

    9. History - The park has one of the best collections of log buildings in the eastern United States. Nearly 80 historic structures-homes, barns, churches, schools, and grist mills-have been preserved in the park.

    Kids ages 5-12 can earn a Junior Ranger badge by exploring the park.

    Ladies Mossy Oak V-Neck

    10. Just Driving Through - An driving tour of the park allows you to see panoramic vistas, cascading mountain rivers, weathered historic buildings, and majestic forests right from your car.

    A must for those who are just passing through!

    Camo Clothing
    Camping and hiking in the Smoky Mountains requires comfortable and nature-friendly clothing, such as this extra-long V-Neck Top.

    Other Camo clothing options here!

    Images from the National Park Service

  • National Parks: Exploring Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree National Park Plan your Camping Trip at Joshua Tree National Park

    The Joshua Tree National Park covers 790,000 acres across Colorado, the Mojave Desert, and the Little San Bernardino Mountains.

    Across great elevation changes are sand dunes, dry lakes, rugged mountains, and granite monoliths.

    There are 12 self-guiding nature trails as well as extensive riding and hiking trails. On clear days, the vista from Keys View extends beyond Salton Sea to Mexico and is well worth the added twenty minute drive into the park.

    Joshua Tree is also a great place to rock climb. People love to gather and watch climbing enthusiasts scale or "boulder" high desert monzogranite.

    This climbing mecca is famous for its more than 400 traditional-style crack, slab, and steep-face climbing routes.

    There are nine campgrounds as well as back-country camping.

    Browning Buckmark Orange Hooded SweatshirtThe elevations are variable in Joshua Tree National Park, so be sure to bring layers of clothing with a hood - like our Browning Buckmark Hooded Sweatshirt!

    If you like hiking, make it your goal to hike to all five of the park's fan palm oases.

    Other trails lead you to remnants of the gold mining era, a colorful part of the park's cultural history.

    Whatever you choose, your time will be rewarding. The desert holds much more than what is readily apparent to the casual observer.

    A note of caution: The desert, fascinating as it is, can be life-threatening for those unfamiliar with its potential dangers. It is essential that you carry water with you-even if you are only driving through. Cars break down, keys get locked inside, and accidents happen.

    So play it safely and have a wonderful time exploring one of our most interesting National Parks!

    Image by us-parks.com.

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