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pink camo seat cover
Pink Camo Seat Cover

Be the first girl in your circle to sport a pink Mossy Oak seat cover. Fits most full-size front bucket seats.

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Tag Archives: hunting

  • Dear Hunting Season: A Man and His Stand

    Archery Practice from the New Deer StandDeer hunting season is here at long last, and with it comes a new deer stand!

    The stand rises to a height of fifteen feet and is accessible using a single person ladder.

    Jeep of all Trades

    To get all the equipment it takes to set up a deer stand of this size in the woods, a Jeep makes the perfect vehicle for hauling, unloading and maneuvering through the rough terrain of that perfect hunting location.

  • 7 Reminders for Hunting Season

    Get Ready for Deer

    1. Update your permits and season schedule.

    2. Clean and prep all your equipment.

    3. Purchase or gather all supplies such as adequate ammo, blankets, food, flashlight and extra batteries.

    4. Test your cell phone or other emergency communication device for the area you will be hunting in.

    5. Be sure to be seen by other hunters by including blaze orange as part of your attire.

    6. Prep your vehicle with the right tires for the terrain.

    7. Remember SAFETY FIRST!

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  • Hunter Safety: 5 Tips to Teach Your Little Hunters

    Hunter Safety

    Hunter Safety

    Hunting with your kids can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life and the lives of your little ones.

    But without some important lessons in safety, the love of hunting could cause more harm than good.

    Here are 5 tips to help the little lessons along!

    1. Gun Safety:

    Kids love to play like they are shooting things, and this is fine and normal, but when you put a real gun into their hands some rules need to be enforced.

    Never aim at something you don't plan on shooting.

    Never assume the safety is on or the gun unloaded.

    2. Clothing Rules:

    Always wear something other hunters can see, like blaze orange which is invisible to deer but a clear signal to other hunters.

    Need Camo for the Kids? We have everything you need here!

    3. Position:

    Never stand in front of another hunter or where another hunter might not see you!

    4. Equipment:

    Take care of your things. Cleaning and properly putting away your equipment when you are done is a sign of a smart hunter!

    5. Respect:

    Last (but not least) respect what you are hunting. Never kill for fun or out of anger. Hunting is an awesome and useful skill. Treat it like the gift that it is.

    Happy Hunting!

  • Hunting: Turkey and Deer Stories

    Zachary Petry and His Turkey

    Zachary Petry and His Turkey

    What to do in the off-season

    Miss hunting and want something to do in the off-season?

    1. Go fishing! It's most fun in the summer.

    2. Brush up on your hunting knowledge and safety preparedness.

    3. Reminisce by posting your hunting photos and stories here or on our Facebook page or Twitter.

    4. Go into the field and take pictures of the game you’re gonna hunt in the fall without the pressure of having something to take home.

    Or better yet.

    5. Go to TheCamoShop.com and find all the camo you need for hunting season next fall!

    Here are photos and stories posted by our friends on Facebook recently.

    Bucks in the Off-Season by Derrick Belongia

    Bucks in the Off-Season by Derrick Belongia

    Game in the Wild

    I caught these bucks on my trail camera on my bait pile.
    There were two eight pointers, a nine, and a 10 pointer.

    This picture was taken at the end of August.
    Too bad bow season didn't open up a little sooner.

    We have nice size bucks, but to see them this heavy in velvet and all in a group was just crazy! I wish one of them would have come back for the season.

    I took a lot of pictures that night. This is just one with all of them in it.

    Derrick Belongia and his Buck

    Derrick Belongia and his Buck

    Hunting Stories

    This is a seven pointer I shot back in 2009.
    I shot him in the neck at 60 yards and dropped him in his tracks.

    He has a fifteen-inch spread and his G2's are nine inches long.

    Stay Tuned for More!

    Help us add to our collection of stories by posting them on Facebook or Twitter!

    We'll be posting them here periodically.

    Happy Off-Season!

    Still daydreaming about hunting season?
    Trick out your truck in camo while you're waiting!

  • Camo in Action: Deer Hunting Stories

    Here are a couple of stories posted on TheCamoShop's Facebook page!

    Michael Dewitt and his 2 Mile Buck

    The Deer I Dragged Two Miles

    "One shot dropped him where he stood, and the second shot finished him off at point blank range.

    I shot him barrel side not knowing the yardage.

    We had to drag this buck two miles to get it out of the woods!"

    ~Michael Dewitt

    Need camo? Get everything you need right here.

    My First Deer

    My First Deer

    My brother scared this deer and another one right into me.

    I took the bigger of the two lined up broadside, hit the release and he turned towards me.

    I hit him in the throat at thirty-five yards."

    ~Michael Dewitt

  • The Browning Buckmark Competiton

    Browning has always been known for their quality guns and their famous Browning Buckmark. Hunters and gun lovers everywhere recognize the meaning of this logo wherever they see it. From decals on trucks to wearing it proudly on your hat, the Browning Buck can be found everywhere.

    Browning has a contest called "Show Us Your Buckmark." In this competition, contestants are asked to show how they sport their favorite logo, the Browning Buckmark. The most creative expression of the Buckmark wins a brand new Browning shotgun or rifle.

    Contestants get pretty creative when showing off their Buckmark. Many people have tattoos, some make cakes in the shape of the Buckmark, others decorate their rooms with Browning Buckmark decor. All of the contestants have thought of interesting ways in which to show off their love for Browning.

    Parker and Ben Imel went above and beyond the competition. Ben is the owner of Imel Woodworks, where he crafts beautiful handmade furniture. Parker, Ben's son, works as a mechanical engineer with Zeeco. They love working with their hands to create beautiful furniture and decor.

    Ben thought of a way to support Browning in a way no other contestant had yet done. He wanted to create a Buckmark that could be placed on the side of their home. Together, Ben and his son Parker carefully crafted a Buckmark out of stainless steel using a CNC plasma cutting machine. The outcome was better than they imagined.

    Ben submitted a photo and letter to Browning explaining the experience they shared preparing for the competition. Soon after his submission, Ben received an exciting letter. The Imels' unique submission had captured Browning's attention. They were pleased to announce the dynamic father-son duo as the winners of the competition."

    Ben received the X Bolt 7 MM Remington Magnum rifle as promised. Ben has always enjoyed hunting with his son Parker, and wanted the gun to be passed down for generations to come. He gave the rifle to Parker as a thank you for his hard work in the construction of the Buckmark.

    One day, Parker will pass the gun down to his son and with it the story of how this rifle became a part of the family.


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