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pink camo seat cover
Pink Camo Seat Cover

Be the first girl in your circle to sport a pink Mossy Oak seat cover. Fits most full-size front bucket seats.

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Tonya Hogenson Go these for a '04 Dodge Ram 1500 Quade Cab!

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  • Hunting: Turkey and Deer Stories

    Zachary Petry and His Turkey

    Zachary Petry and His Turkey

    What to do in the off-season

    Miss hunting and want something to do in the off-season?

    1. Go fishing! It's most fun in the summer.

    2. Brush up on your hunting knowledge and safety preparedness.

    3. Reminisce by posting your hunting photos and stories here or on our Facebook page or Twitter.

    4. Go into the field and take pictures of the game you’re gonna hunt in the fall without the pressure of having something to take home.

    Or better yet.

    5. Go to TheCamoShop.com and find all the camo you need for hunting season next fall!

    Here are photos and stories posted by our friends on Facebook recently.

    Bucks in the Off-Season by Derrick Belongia

    Bucks in the Off-Season by Derrick Belongia

    Game in the Wild

    I caught these bucks on my trail camera on my bait pile.
    There were two eight pointers, a nine, and a 10 pointer.

    This picture was taken at the end of August.
    Too bad bow season didn't open up a little sooner.

    We have nice size bucks, but to see them this heavy in velvet and all in a group was just crazy! I wish one of them would have come back for the season.

    I took a lot of pictures that night. This is just one with all of them in it.

    Derrick Belongia and his Buck

    Derrick Belongia and his Buck

    Hunting Stories

    This is a seven pointer I shot back in 2009.
    I shot him in the neck at 60 yards and dropped him in his tracks.

    He has a fifteen-inch spread and his G2's are nine inches long.

    Stay Tuned for More!

    Help us add to our collection of stories by posting them on Facebook or Twitter!

    We'll be posting them here periodically.

    Happy Off-Season!

    Still daydreaming about hunting season?
    Trick out your truck in camo while you're waiting!

  • Summer Fishing: Striped Bass on the Lower Illinois River

    Striped Bass

    Lower Illinois River: Home of the Oklahoma State Record for Striped Bass 47.5 lbs. on 6-21-11

    The Lower Illinois River is the home of the Oklahoma State Record for Striped Bass 47.5 lbs 6-21-11. Here are some tips for catching a big one.

    Where: Approx. 8 miles of river from Tenkiller Lake Dam to Arkansas River

    Boat Access points:
    • Webbers Fall on Arkansas River - Free
    • Gore Landing $2.00
    • Other access points for wade fishing
    • Ex. Dam, Watts Recreation Area (Barbless catch and release), Marval Resort

    Current River Conditions:Normal

    • Live Shad or live Trout
    • Lures: Long shallow diving

    Best Time to Fish
    • Heat of the Summer
    • Cold of the Winter
    • Both when current is flowing from the dam

    Boating Tips
    • Above Gore Landing: Small boat
    • Below Gore Landing: Any size boat
    • When water is running: 16 ft aluminum flat bottom, 25 hp short shaft motor,
    transom mounted hand control trolling motor, bait tank.
    • When water is not running: Small 10 foot 2-Man Boat.
    • Be aware of gravel bars, stumps, rocks,etc

    Love Fishing, Hunting and Camo? Check out our camo for everything: from trucks to bikinis!

    Summer Fishing When Water is Running
    • Launch at Gore Landing.
    • Method: Throw live shad along bank while drifting with current.
    • Equipment: Stiff rod with round baitcast, big game line.

    2012 OSBA Boat Show

    2012 OSBA Boat Show Bass Boat Lecture

    Summer Fishing When No Water is Running
    • 2-man boat launched at Marval – requires boat pass.
    • Launching above or below Marval requires some dragging to go up the entire river
    • Fish Deep holes, in or below rapids, or riffles
    • Can Fish Trout heads or gut a trout and simulate a trout fishing in the current

    Have fun on this tricky but incredible fun place to fish this summer! Hope you catch a huge Striped Bass!

  • Arkansas State Parks: Crooked Creek Smallmouth Bass Fishing

    Crooked Creek

    Crooked Creek, "the blue-ribbon Smallmouth Bass fishing stream of the state," offers spectacular scenery and Class I to II rapids characterized by deep pools, fast chutes, and clear water.

    In addition to its reputation as one of the best Smallmouth Bass fishing areas, Crooked Creek also provides habitat for many other species including channel catfish and several varieties of sunfish.

    Meandering its way through northern Arkansas to the White River, it passes through rolling hills, cedar glades, bluffs, thickets, and lush pastures typical to the Ozark landscape.

    Nearby roads are well hidden by the gorgeous trees along the creek. Paddling in late-fall is especially beautiful when the plants along the creek begin changing colors.

    Canoe camping can be done along the creek, but paddlers should be aware of flash flood potential and set up camp well above the waterline to avoid an unpleasant surprise in the middle of the night.

    Kayak on Crooked Creek

    Many other great Arkansas paddling destinations like the Buffalo National River and its tributaries are nearby and offer fine camping choices as well.

    About 52 miles from Harmon, Crooked Creek is off the beaten path, but the drive is beautiful too, so bring your camera.

    Although the stream is most navigable from October through June, it's best in late-October through late-April, during the "rainy" season.

    These photos were taken by Tony on his recent Smallmouth Bass trip down Crooked Creek.

  • Introducing Neoprene and Fishing Truck Accessories

    We have new camo truck accessories in!

    We now offer neoprene seat covers in all of your favorite camo patterns. Neoprene resists the damage that can be done from the sun, ozone and harsh weather conditions. Neoprene can withstand your toughest days and resist many oils and chemicals.

    Love to fish? We now carry Striker Fishing Truck Accessories. Show your love for fishing and take a look at all of our Striker products.


    These neoprene seat covers are universal and are priced at about 25% the cost of custom neoprene seat covers. Choose your favorite pattern, we carry Mossy Oak, Browning, Ducks Unlimited and Realtree.


    We have a new pattern for you fishing lovers called "Striker". Striker floor mats, decals, seat covers and visor organizers.

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