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pink camo seat cover
Pink Camo Seat Cover

Be the first girl in your circle to sport a pink Mossy Oak seat cover. Fits most full-size front bucket seats.

Get one!

What people say:

Sally Cabot: gotta have it!!!

Alicia Nichole: Omg... Love that !!

Tonya Hogenson Go these for a '04 Dodge Ram 1500 Quade Cab!

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  • Camo and the Antler Chandelier

    antler-art-chandelierWe were just discussing the finer points of antler chandeliers (pardon the pun). Want one? Here is the best way to go about finding the best one for your cabin, home or office.

    The Basics

    Finding the right antler chandelier is pretty simple. But don't forget the basic rules that apply to choosing the right light for your space.
    1. Measure your space - You should look for a chandelier that measures approximately two inches per square foot of space in the room in which it hangs.

    2. Determine your lighting level - A total of 200-400 watts for all the bulbs suffices for most rooms, but when choosing an antler chandelier be sure to consider whether you want for lighting or just as a focal point.

    3. Secure the Connection - Be sure you know the weight of the chandelier as well as what your ceiling can handle. Ask for help at your local hardware store if you are unsure about securing it properly.

    The Quality

    Don't settle for less than the best. You just need to know what to look for!

    1. Don't be fooled by fake - manufactured ones are made of resin and are lighter than natural antlers that are made of bone and so feel solid and weighty.

    2. Look for Grade 1 - Shiny and dark in color, these antlers were picked up less than three months after shedding. Don't settle for anything less.

    3. Check for perfection - Look for loose bolts, peeling paint/varnish or exposed screws. Poor workmanship may be less expensive, but you pay for quality that will last. Be careful in your inspection.

    The Style

    Here is where it gets fun.
    1. Bulbs - Bulbs attached to the tips, wound like Christmas lights, dangling from the center, large lamp in the center. The options are limited only to the imagination of the designer. Make sure you look at several styles before deciding on one.

    2. Painted or natural - This is preference only, but be aware that painted antlers may be of lesser quality - inspect painted ones more thoroughly.

    3. Design - See the pictures below, check out our board on Pinterest, and look for a camo bedding pattern to complete a rustic bedroom look!

    Antler Chandelier

    Black Painted Antler Chandelier

    Snowflake Antler Chandelier

    Burgundy Buckmark Bedding

    AP Black Bedding

    Mossy Oak Treestand Bedding

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